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Verification Documents

  • What does regulation pending mean?

    There are many reason your account could be on pending.  Please contact Customer Support on either live chat or via email at for assistance.

  • Why is my account not verified yet?

    Our Compliance Department generally responds in 24-48 hours.

  • How long should I wait for my account to be verified?

    Our Compliance Department generally responds in 24-48 hours.

    Please contact us on Live Chat if you have any questions.

  • How do I verify my account?

    Please follow these two steps:

    1) Scan or photograph the following documents in color:

    • Valid Government issued photo ID, front and back (i.e. Identification card, driver license or passport)
    • Utility bill less than six months old, showing your name and address (i.e. Water bill, gas bill, electric bill, land-line phone bill or bank statement)    
    • Only if you deposited by credit card – Front of credit card showing the name, expiry date and last 4 digits on the front, and back of credit card showing the signature. For your reassurance, please ensure that all other details are concealed.

    2) Submit the documents

    • Upload them online by logging in to your trading account and clicking on the “My Account” page then the “Upload Files” tab

    To learn more,  please see our required documents page


  • Can I send the tax documents using fax?

    Please send verification documents via e-mail to

    Documents submitted for verification can be in any of the following formats:


  • Why can't I upload my photo?

    It may be that the file size is too large to upload to our site.

    Please try emailing it to If you still have problems, please contact us via Live Chat.

  • Why do you need both sides of the ID?

    We need both sides of the ID as it is the requirement of our Regulators.

  • Why does my verification take more than 48 hours?

    Please allow us to apologize for the delay in verifying your trading account.

    You can contact us on the Live Chat so we can help speed up the process.

  • What do I do if the Utility bills are not on my name?

    If you cannot submit a Utility bill in your name please provide us with one of the following documents:

    • A Bank Statement or Credit card statement no more than 6 months old  showing your name, address, date and the company that sent the letter.
    • A proof of residence issued by the official authorities in your country.
    • Or if you are unable to produce any of the documents listed above, we ask that you have a notarized statement stating your name and current address.
  • How to submit verification documents?

    To submit documents, please:

    Log in to your account and then click here to upload them directly to your account.

    For the full list of required documents, click here

  • Why am I not allowed to start trading?

    Before you can start trading, it is important to verify your trading account and submit a signed declaration of deposits.
    Please contact us on Live Chat for further information, or email us on